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Fighting Fire with Drones!

It seems that drones are everywhere these days - used in so many industries for such diverse applications. Amazon Prime Air, anyone?

Now, even emergency and fire services are making use of this revolutionary technology. Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency has begun using drone capabilities for thermal imaging. The department anticipates that having aerial views of fires and buildings will be a huge strategic asset when creating fire fighting solutions and saving the lives of both firefighters and civilians. Read the full article about the Halifax department's drone application below!

Firefighting departments in New York are also looking into the value of using drones. Following a gas explosion, images taken by a drone were compared to images taken in a traditional manner using conventional gadgets. The drone images provided a far more wholesome and actionable overview of the explosion, prompting department director Timothy E. Herlocker to consider using drones as a key source of imaging. Read the full article here.

In early March, for the first time, The New York City Fire Department used a drone to fight a fire in Brooklyn.