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Check out this incredibly interesting and educational video put together by the NFPA. We've pulled some of our favourite facts and images from the video below.

First female firefighter: Men used to drag cart-like fire engines to scenes of fire. In 1818, Molly Williams became the first female firefighter when she joined a group of men during one of these trips.

A musical scene: Firefighting was once accompanied by what sounded like music - bells, rattles, and trumpets were used to warn people about danger and shout instructions

Silly helmets: In the 1800s, firefighters wore dome-shaped helmets whose brims rolled into a tail at the back. These 'tails' funnelled water away from fighters' faces and created a stream of water that flowed down from the hats.

Off to the races: Firefighting teams would race to the scene of a fire and compete: each team would send one person to rush to the scene and take control of the fire hydrant. The winning team would get to fight the fire, while other teams would have to watch.

Watch the whole video below!