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#KidsSafetyFirst: Giveaway!

Home and fire safety feels particularly important when kids are part of the equation. Their unique needs and the necessity to teach them in fun and engaging ways can sometimes pose a challenge. That's why this week's giveaway is all about just that!

Tell us how you promote #KidsSafetyFirst in your household and you’ll be entered to win a Smoke & Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Contest Entry Instructions:

1. Like/share this post on Twitter or Facebook.

2. To it, add your comments and/or photos telling us how you promote fire safety with your kids. Show us a drawing of your escape plan, show us a picture of your kids watching a fire safety video - make sure to tag us and include the hashtag #KidsSafetyFirst.

For some inspiration, or some tools to share with your kids, check out these fun resources:

Activities (word searches, puzzles, crosswords, etc.) for kids:

An educational video put together by the Brampton Fire Department:

This contest ends on Sunday, June 18 at 11:59pm. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 19.

If you're not this week's winner, don't worry! Over the next few weeks, we are running a series of of weekly contests. Check back regularly to see each week's theme and enter for your chance to win!