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Spring Cleaning: Make Your Home Clean and Safe

Smoke alarms: Most of us do not do this nearly as often as we should. While you're refreshing the paint on the trim of your ceiling or cleaning out the ventilation above your kitchen stove, take a quick peek at your alarms - you're up there already, anyway! What's great is that alarms needs to be checked once a year; if you work this into your spring cleaning routine, you don't have to think about it again until next spring.

Electrical cords: Electrical cords are a serious danger if not managed and organized properly. Ensure you don't have huge clusters of tangled cords. In addition, make sure to replace any cords that are damaged or frayed. Lastly, cords should not be pulled too taught or hidden under carpets or across doorways.

Dryers: We have heard tons of dryer horror stories lately. And while those may not be a cause for undue stress, dryers are in fact a safety hazard if not cared for properly. Some important tips:

  • clean dryers for lint after every use
  • keep your laundry a generally safe space by cleaning spills and ensuring flammable items such as cleaning products are not too close to the heat of the dryer
  • make sure no food, paper, money, or other items in pockets before washing