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Staying Fire Safe in Your RV/Motor Home: Part 2

1. "Get out and stay out!" In the event of a fire, it can be difficult to let go of items that we hold dear. It's important to remember that your safety and your family's safety is most important. Do not try to reenter your home to retrieve objects.

2. Make sure all travellers in the RV are aware of what each alarm sound means.

3. Ensure all travellers know how to shut off the propane valve and electrical supply in case the need arises.

4. As the RV is a compact area, pay attention to where you store combustibles. For example, clothes and linens should not be stored in or near the kitchen. Certain combustible items are inevitably going to be placed around the stove (.e.g paper towels) so it is increasingly important to be mindful when cooking.

5. Campfires require extra safety precautions. You can find a list of important tips here.

For more tips on RV safety from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, check out this article.